All-Star Academics

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I am a full-time working parent and have difficulty making arrangements on specialized schedules such as report card week.  How can All Star Academics help me during minimum day schedules?

A:  All-Star Academics follows the Alameda Unified School District  (AUSD) calendar.  On school minimum days, our center will open early to accommodate the early school dismissals.

Q:  My Child’s schedule changes seasonally depending on after school activities such as gymnastics, piano lessons, and soccer season, etc.  How can I fit All-Star Academics into my weekly schedule?

A:  All-Star Academics is the ideal program for your situation.  We offer great flexibility and our administrators can help you plan the days of attendance that will make sense with your work schedule and your child’s extra-curricular activities.  You will enjoy complete flexibility and can change your schedule with prior notice to our administrative office.


Q:  How many days do you recommend for my child?

A:  At All-Star Academics we believe in helping our students to lay the foundations for academic excellence at an early age, by helping to build good study habits with an emphasis on disciplined focus and concentration on their coursework.  Our tutoring staff highly recommends a minimum of 3 days per week to achieve substantial improvements because different subject areas are covered on a rotating weekly basis.


Q:  I've heard that you offer a range of fun activities.  Can you please describe the sorts of activity that are available at your academic center? 

A:  At All-Star Academics our goal is to make homework completion a fun and rewarding long-term habit.  We provide lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement, especially when milestones are reached.  We offer extra benefits for early completion of homework and academic enrichment work.  We also have an indoor basketball gym, computers with fun and educational games, arts and crafts, and an extensive library of age-appropriate books. 


Q:  On Wednesdays, my child's school lets out early.  Is there an extra charge?

A:  All-Star Academics follows the AUSD calendar and schedule.  We open early on Wednesdays to accommodate the early school dismissals.  There is no extra charge on Wednesdays.


Q:  Are there any registration fees or contracts?

A:  There is a non-refundable $60.00 initial registration fee.  There are no contracts, only monthly tuition payments after you sign up.  We have taken suggestions parents to design a program that is flexible, cost-effective, and ideal for parents. 

Q:  I am a full-time working parent.  How would I get my child to All-Star Academics after school?  Are there flexible pick up times?

A:  All-Star Academics can assist by recommending drivers from our roster of independently-contracted drivers for transportation from Alameda schools.  Pick up times is anytime before or up to 6:00 pm, with extended pick up time available by special arrangement.  This can be of great benefit to parents who have long commutes where traffic may be unpredictable. 



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